From the marathon to the mile…in 4 days

I got back to NYC Tues after the Boston Marathon. I jogged two miles on the treadmill on Wed. By Thurs I could walk without limping. And on Friday I raced a mile on the track….

Our newly created team, Brooklyn Track Club, had planned to run at the North Brooklyn Runners McCarren Park Track Classic. New to the club scene, we wanted to start competing in the local meets and start to get recognized. And there were Tracksmith singlets on the line- so we had to show up! 😉 I ran the mile of the DMR. The good thing about it was- there was no (outside) pressure to perform at 100%. Except from myself of course. I wanted to do well. There were a lot of people there: spectating and running, so I didn’t want to be embarrassingly slow. The other three girls were so lighthearted and we were all nervous and laughing about how it was going to go. We warmed up together, cheered on others, joked about dropping the baton, contemplated just going to a bar. But I think we were all also excited.

Track meets are a different breed of a race. They are high energy and competitive and make you feel  like a professional no matter what. You wear different shoes, you run in a circle, you pass on the inside, you hear a bell- all of these things are abnormal to the road runner. There is no hiding in track races. Everyone can see you every step of the way. They see when you start strong, they see when you hold your position, they see when you start to die, they know when your form goes. It is a full exposure race.  But I love it.

I hate to build up track and our race and how excited we were just to come to a screeching halt- but we were the only girls team that signed up for the DMR. LOL. SO, we were going to race with the boys, including our own men’s team. The plan didn’t change much – enjoy it and do our best. And we did. We looked strong, we held our own, we beat a bunch of the boys teams. We got our Tracksmith singlets. We were a team! It was so much fun. I ran 5:32 for the mile, just 4 days after Boston.

And then we did go to a bar, and planned our next race…




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